I am driving with Molly to the city where both the kids were born, and there is an Apple store. Her phone has an issue with the camera. It’s completely worthless without the camera, Mom; I might as well not even have a phone. Dave is with Jake.  They had to insert a catheter.  This chemo is especially hard on the bladder- luckily just spasms and not blood clots. I will be glad when this passes and his mouth and throat sores go away. He can’t eat. A mom always feels better when her kids eat. Molly and I are getting close. Driving this way makes me think of when the kids were born.
I was referred to an infertility doctor because it took 6 years to have Jake. They never could find anything physically wrong with either Dave or me. My PCP said, “Just relax, kiddo, there’s nothing wrong.” Looking back he was probably right.  After 36 hours in labor, the nurse monitoring my labor made the decision an emergency cesarean section was going to be done- stat. Jake was in distress. With each contraction, his head pushed on my pubic bone. This is normal, except his umbilical cord was caught between the two. This wasn’t Lucille ‘ s first rodeo, in fact Jake was her last baby- she was retiring. Our perfect, healthy baby boy was born at 11:20 am on a beautiful October 1st, 1996.

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