Molly was irritated when I posted that we were at a restaurant in Denver. “Mother, why do you post everything we’re doing? No one cares…” While she very well could be right, I didn’t care. If someone was irritated by my post, they could ignore, scroll past or unfollow me. Within minutes, I received a personal message from a gal that I had not seen since junior high. She only lived in Paris about 4 years, but I didn’t forget her, and I was glad she had sent me a friend request. She lives in Miami, but she saw my post and had a personal connection to the University of Denver.  Within the hour, I was talking to the Dean of Admissions. Molly had already been accepted, but now the Dean “would love to meet her.” “Her credentials are very impressive….” “If we need anything….”  You can bet that if she ends up in Denver, I will appreciate having Todd’s name in my contacts. I held my phone up to Molly and said, “THAT is why I posted that on FB, Molly. ” She had posted a picture and realized a friend from college was also in Denver. It makes the world seem smaller. There may come a situation when we need to reach out to a familiar face somewhere. I have been surprised by the friendliness of the people we met in Spokane and Denver. Sometimes with the bad things we see and hear about around us, it’s easy to forget that there are many kind, helpful people around us. Twice I asked strangers for help on this trip. Both times it saved us time and frustration. It was embarrassing for Molly, I’m sure, but I hope she saw the value of asking for help. She noticed one of the streets near the campus was named Columbine. She associated it with the school shooting. “Did you know that the Columbine is the state flower? You will likely see it a lot. It came way before the shootings.” It’s sad that she only associated the name with something horrific. My grandma always had Columbines in her garden. “They have to grow from the seeds. You can’t divide them,” she had told me once when I wanted some for my yard. She saved me the seeds, and I planted them in my yard. So just like my FB post, something good was shared…

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