I usually write as a response to something that has happened or was said. Not too long ago, I wrote The Forgotten Ones. It created a lot of interest, and great things have happened in a very short time. I cannot believe the people who have handed me money, no questions asked. I am just a voice. Beth and Staci work daily with these kids, and without them, I would have just written a blog. Thank you!!!!!! Thank you for trusting me and Staci and Beth. Thank you Brenda, Angi, Tanner, and Laken for quickly stepping up as well. Thank you, Angi for saying, “let’s stop talking about this and do something”. We did. But without our caring, trusting friends, neighbors and community (and beyond), we would have nothing. I appreciate the ones who inquire about our kids! Someday I will write more about them. There are rules, regulations, and roadblocks sometimes. Trust me, someone is doing the leg work. Before we ask for money or goods, we have exhausted other avenues. When I came on board, Beth had already done the legwork for the kids’ apartment. Why Maple Ridge? Well, first of all, Kara! She is the manager. She is THERE! She cares about her community. She makes them tow the line. It is peaceful, lovely and safe. These kids are living in the nicest place they have ever lived. They have lovely neighbors. I have personally met 2 of them. They are women a little older than me. If the kids needed them, they would be there. They welcomed them with open arms. This is not some dump where they use space heaters and have to argue with the landlord over and over again to spray for roaches, bedbugs and fleas. This is a HOME. A 3 bedroom home where there is a closet just for the washing machine and dryer. They pay $400.00 a month. They work closely with Beth to budget. When they saw their electric bill was higher than expected, they applied for second jobs. We hope to help more kids. We can do this with your help, support, love and prayers. Thank YOU for trusting us and believing in us. And thank you for giving me a voice…

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