Nancy Drew

My friends and I have a secret- we are undercover “Charlie ‘ s Angels!” Stephanie wanted to be “Kelly”-the smart, beautiful brunette. Obviuosly, I was “Jill”-the sexy blonde who could ride a skateboard. That left Lisa to be “Sabrina”- the smart, no-nonsense one. Somebody had to be Sabrina. “Yeah, Thanks guys…” We three have a lot of fun, and love nothing more than to use our investigation skills. I used those skills to find the email addresses of my doctors. People have asked why we didn’t move Jake to Mayo. We had built a rapport with Dr. S., and he promised to transfer Jake if needed. He wasn’t arrogant- many times he said, “I don’t know.”  But he talked to us and listened. He spent his weekends thinking about Jake. He was very determined to fix this kid. We trusted him. I don’t know why I first emailed him, but I thought very carefully before I sent it. I didn’t want to over-step any boundaries.  His reply was thoughtful and thorough. To this day, we communicate through email, and I hope someday to send him a picture of a healthy kid graduating from college. I used the internet to my advantage. I emailed doctors at St. Jude, Mayo and the nation’s expert on NK cell deficiency in Houston. I heard back from all of them within a day. They seemed genuinely interested and helpful. What I found was they knew of Dr. N. and assured me that we were in very good hands. I don’t pack heat, and my detective skills have never led to an arrest, but I love a good detective show, and if “Charlie” ever calls, I’m ready…

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