Another negative result. ..

We were thrilled when the pulmonologist said she had identified the bacteria in Jake’s lung.  They started him on the proper antibiotics, and we were hopeful- it was very treatable.  A few days passed with no change, and eventually a negative result came back after the lavage cultures had time to grow…nothing. Dr. S. decided to start him on gram bags of IV prednisone.  Jake started to come around after weeks in the ICU. He had been hallucinating, delirious and couldn’t sleep for a few days straight. I don’t know how I drove back and forth those two hours. I basically cried and said the Rosary the whole time. It became winter, but we kept taking turns and driving back and forth. We had to make a bed out of a chair and a bench in his room. One nurse made it clear they didn’t want family members in there. We had a different nurse every shift. I realize now they didn’t want anyone getting too attached or familiar with the ICU patients because it might not be a happy ending. If it hadn’t been for Dr. S. and him taking a little longer to talk and listen, we would have lost it. We looked forward to his daily rounds, and hated the long, lonely weekends when he wasn’t here. We still didn’t have a conclusive answer, but the gunk in his lungs appeared to be an autoimmune response, and the prednisone seemed to be working. Jake was weak and thin, but it looked like he’d be home for Thanksgiving.  Dr. S. made a plan to start Jake on Remicade for an autoimmune disorder. This made sense as it went back to the local doctor who thought Jake had a connective tissue disorder. Yay! Home with a plan…

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