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In 2005, my mom took my kids and me to Walt Disney World. I could not think of a place I wanted to go LESS than there. Expensive, hot and crowded… it was my mom’s dream to take all the grandkids to Disney World, so I had to suck it up and accept our free trip. Don’t start hating on me just yet; it was a “blessing in disguise”… First of all we had the ability to take the kids out of school a few days. We went in early December on a Wednesday through Sunday. The kids had to be at least 7, tall enough to ride all the rides, and walk the park according to my mom’s “rules”. We stayed on site and had the dining plan. My mom had a terminal lung disease. She was starting to slow down considerably.  I’m a take charge kind of gal and not very patient with her “turtle” approach to walking. The first thing I did was aquire a wheelchair for her at the resort.  The magic of Disney enveloped us quickly. The weather was perfect, the lines were short, the food was delicious, and I found myself hugging Disney characters like no other. Pushing my mom in the wheelchair was the blessing in disguise. In 2005, the parks weren’t overwhelmed with obese people in motorized chairs unable to walk the park. My family was treated to VIP service everywhere we went with my mom in that chair! I was able to control the pace, and my kids were old enough to keep up. We rode everything- we even stayed on some rides and rode them again because there were no lines! They had decorated for Christmas by then which added to the magical beauty of it all. I do not like parades typically, but I didn’t miss a parade or show in those few days. “Why hadn’t we been here before? We could have taken our honeymoon here! I am going to work here when I retire….” I would look at my mom and say over and over, “This IS the happiest place on earth!”  My mom took my sister and her boys the next year, and we tagged along (I had to push the wheelchair, right?) for another magical trip. After that my mom was too ill to accompany my brother’s family. My pictures our our trips hang where I see them every morning. I think of it often. I wasn’t able to take my mom back. Her dream was to stay at the Grand Floridian….maybe someday I will take my own grandkids, and I have a feeling she’ll be there with us…

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