Yesterday I wasn’t planning to go to Terre Haute. But then an emergency arose. I dropped my phone in the sink full of dishwater. I quickly dried it. It worked, at first. When my phone started to malfunction, it became an emergency.  How pathetic that I needed to replace it as soon as possible. I felt totally disconnected. I immediately wanted to call someone, anyone. I could hear text messages coming in, but my screen was dead, and I couldn’t answer them.  It put me on the verge of a panic attack. I had made Jake his favorite cake, filled next week’s pill box (down to 5 meds!), and found his lens for his iPhone camera, so it wouldn’t be a wasted trip. After seeing Jake, which always fills my heart with joy and pride, I made my way to the Verizon store. When I walked in, Kevin approached me first. I quickly judged him as a smooth talker. I was stuck. We laughed at my Samsung Note 3 phone. He pulled out his 5. I told him what I didn’t want. I found one that suited me. we went over to make the transaction. I started to warm up to him, when he fully explained my options. I had been misled by another person when we bought Molly’s phone. I complimented him on his ability to explain it. He had beautiful eyes. He was a little rough around the edges. I wanted to ask him if he used recreational drugs. I refrained. He helped another gal while I was making a decision. He was good with her son. I wanted to tell him he reminded me of Eminen, but I didn’t know if that was a compliment or not. He was growing on me. He got chatty while he was transferring my stuff and completing my transaction. Sometimes this annoys me. He came on a little strong, but I listened to him talk. It confirmed what I could already tell. His life had not been easy. Just recently he met his half-brother. I was 22 and didn’t know I had a half-brother and sister. I haven’t met her yet. He sells Toyota’s. We laughed because we are both in sales. Our dad is a “salesman”.  Actually he’s a con-artist.  He’s been in jail most of my life. My brother said that when he was 3 years old, our dad took him and his sister to rob a gun store. A gun store- can you believe that? The next thing he knew, their car was surrounded by cops. The last time my dad was with me at a “family” get-together was when I was in the 3rd grade.  He wanted me to know that if the credit card reader beeped twice, it had successfully read my card. If it only beeped once, he’d have to re-swipe it. he wanted me to know he wasn’t trying to “double” charge me. He’d started working there at $5.00/hour plus commission. He didn’t even know he was working for commission at first. They had recently changed to $13.00 and hour and no commission. He liked that better. I was proud of Kevin for having a job, knowing his stuff, and taking pride in himself. I wondered what his mom and his home were like. Don’t tell me a dead-beat dad doesn’t have a lasting effect on his kids. Kevin was trying to do the right thing, but how long would he be able to survive on $13.00/hour?  I hope he is able to stay afloat and do well. When I was getting ready to leave, Kevin handed me his business card. Please call me for anything.  He shook my hand twice. Thanks, Kevin…do well, young man.

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