The other day I was at Walmart, and I came up on a mother telling her child, if you don’t stop, I’m going to take your shoe and beat your face in. He looked at me, and that caught her attention. She turned enough to see me in her peripheral vision with such a snarl on her face, I quickly moved on. My thought was another child living in hell on earth that will grow up a continue to repeat this vicious cycle. I don’t have faith he will rise above it. I could only imagine how broken down he already was. What had he done to provoke her words? Probably something trivial. Probably just trying to get a little attention. Kids will take any attention they can get from their parents. If negative attention is all they can get, they will behave accordingly.  My dog just pranced by me  twice to get my attention. She had my good flip flop in her mouth. She wants to be chased. So I just spent 10 minutes “chasing” Ellie around the house saying, “Do you have mommy’s flip flop? You give Mommy my flip flop!” She finally ran to me and relinquished it. Now she’s playing with the other 2 dogs. Of course I said it in my sing song voice, and her tail was held high as she pranced around in pure joy of our game. Nothing like the mom at Walmart. It saddens me that my dogs are treated better than a lot of innocent children. This summer  I was having pizza when a baby caught my friend’s eye. I turned around just in time to hear the mother hiss at the 3 year old sibling, “Shut the f*#k up!” She locked eyes with me for a second, and I wonder if she could read my mind. How many good things would it take to undo those words? 500? 1000?  There are so many good teachers who are providing a safe, positive respite for many children, yet these parents are the ones who will also be at the school the first time their kid whines that school is hard, they got in trouble or their teacher embarrassed them. That was always my personal favorite. The kid who acted out the worst, seeking that attention they were lacking at home. Seeking positive discipline was more like it. Yes, folks- kids crave positive discipline from their parents. If disciplined at school, those parents were the first to run to the school and demand restitution for their child. Ah, the child finally gets that attention they so desperately need. I don’t understand how everything can be so heavily regulated except having kids and being a good parent? I can’t fix it. It just makes me sad…

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