Leaving Jake

It was difficult to leave Jake at school this past Sunday. His dorm is really new and nice, but it was a mess. Mess isn’t a strong enough word- disaster. I couldn’t imagine leaving my baby there to sleep.  9 young men have a total of 4 rooms, or at least I think that’s the situation. It was hard to tell. They had purchased 4 lofts, hence the mess. Their rooms came furnished with bunk beds, dressers and desks. Definitely sufficient. But for college kids, definitely not cool. I had to agree the bunk beds looked like something from the 70’s. They worked on Jake’s room first. Jake wasn’t to help, but he could supervise. Their rules. Before bedtime, the loft was finished. Five beds were arranged. Jake had a place to sleep. Why don’t you come home and sleep, Jake?   He wouldn’t hear of it. Dave and I drove home. I worried the loft wasn’t sturdy. When we got home, I realized we’d left his blanket on the dining room table. Good, I’d have a reason to go back. The next day I gathered up some drinks and food. Jake texted that he needed something. Even better. Now I had permission to go over. My dad and I drove over. I told you it was bad. They had made a little progress, but they still had a lot of wood piled up in the hallway. My dad commented, “leave it to a bunch of engineers to want to build these lofts.” Why couldn’t they just use the bunkbeds? Jake wasn’t there, but we found his bed. A high school teacher had made him a special pillowcase when he was sick. I put his blanket on it. Again I felt sick to my stomach. The boys came back from dinner. It was a long walk to the cafeteria. Jake looked good. He was happy. He had handled the walk. He thanked us for the stuff and showed us the progress they had made. Jake’s computer chair was in the hall so he could wheel around, watch and be part of the progress. He was ready for us to leave. I looked at my dad. It had been a short visit, but we needed to leave. We’ve been with him constantly for the past 2 years. It’s hard not to worry. Jake had gained 5 pounds the past few weeks. He looks better everyday. He feels better than he has in 2 years. It’s time. Hopefully this time, it’s for good…

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