1/2 way

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Two days ago I was supposed to say goodbye to my daughter and fly home across the country. I anticipated crying most of the day. Instead I went to an ice cream social at my sister’s church. We visited, laughed and had a good time. I was and continue to be happy. Plans had changed, but in a good way.  The Sunday before, Molly and I had loaded her car up and traveled across the state, heading West. We didn’t talk – we couldnt. We were on the verge of tears. In the next state, I finally started my spiel. Just give it 1 semester. I bet in a couple of weeks, you love it… I went on and on. Pretty soon Molly spoke for the first time in 5 hours. What would you say if I went to college closer to home? “Are you kidding? I would be thrilled.” I’ve been texting Dad. I’ve asked him to call to see if it’s too late. Molly was talking about the school I had wanted her to consider from the very beginning. She thought it was too close to home. 2 1/2 hours had seemed too close. I contained the happiness that began to fill my heart. I needed this to be her decision. The question loomed, do we continue west? I considered that she might change her mind, or that it was too late to change. Horrible storms forced us to stop 3 hours from my sister-in-law ‘ s house in Wyoming -the halfway point. Dave called early Monday morning. Her scholarships and status could be reinstated. Could she be there by Thursday? The next 24 hours were difficult. Molly had a tough decision to make. Either choice was good. Both colleges were great. Would she regret not going? She had the rest of her life to move across the country. I kept my mouth shut. She talked to family, called friends, and probably needed to hear that it was ok to come home. She had not failed. She changed her mind. It was fixable. She was rightfully torn. A little over 24 hours later, we headed home. It wasn’t a  happy drive. She was quiet. I kept my mouth shut. 18 hours later, we were home. At 5 am the next morning, we headed to her new university. It was our first visit. She was mad at me. I was getting what I had wanted all along. This was what I wanted. She had refused to even visit earlier that year. I contained any relief or happiness I was feeling. She got the classes she needed. 24 hours of dual credit and AP classes transferred. We got her ID card. Her scholarships were reinstated. She applied for housing. Later we ran into her best friend from home. Molly smiled for the first time all day. She was nervous, overwhelmed and still mad at me. I let her be mad. We moved in at 5 pm. She joined in on the activities. I didn’t hear from her until Monday. My criminology professor is awesome! I got a few pictures of her with new friends. She seems happy. I’m a peace. It was worth every mile…

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