Today Molly is 18. In one week, we’ll be driving across the country. She leaves for a camping trip in a state she’s never visited with 75 freshmen she’s never met. There are at least 3 girls from our state. I keep trying to convince myself that we aren’t completely insane if other parents are also sending their kids across the country. The truth is, I’m excited for her and a little jealous. I loved college. I would do things much differently now though. Molly is wise beyond her years, and always has been. She’s smarter, happier, nicer and wiser than me. It just seems natural that she would go across the country for college. I am thrilled she has the guts to do something I always wanted to do. I’m excited to make the 30 hour drive with her. She has “rules” though. Her music, her quiet times, Mom, this is going to be a quiet trip. No talking or singing. Ok, we’ll see about that…I suggested I make a Playlist for our roadtrip.  She rolled her eyes, Not going to happen. You will learn to like my music. The week has slipped by. It’s now Friday. She’s at breakfast with best friends she may not see until Christmas.  They have made the most of this summer. I wish I would have been the kind of friend she has always been. She got that tattoo last night with her best friend. She loves a quote. It is something like this (I always mess it up) There are 7 billion people on earth, 7 billion souls, and sometimes all you need is one. She had & sometimes all you need is one with the date 4.27.16 tattooed on her back.  This quote became more special when she was the one perfect match for her brother. Of all the people on earth, she was the one he needed to save his life. Today I’m going to get her oil changed and put new tires on her car. We’ve been sorting and packing. Sunday is almost here…

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