You owe me $345.00…

My sassy, sweet, funny daughter told me I owed her three hundred and some dollars the other day at lunch. “Well I just paid the Visa bill,  so we’re even…” I was out to lunch with Molly and one of my best friends, Stephanie, when a group of my mom’s classmates came through. I stood up for hugs and they wanted to hear how Jake was doing. For the past few months, it has been all about Jake. He was in the hospital preparing for the stem cell transplant.  Molly had told me after one of our outings, “Mom, you seriously cannot go 5 minutes without mentioning Jake.” She isn’t jealous, just annoyed that I can’t keep a conversation short. I started conciously thinking about it, and she is right. I have said to people, even strangers, while exchanging small talk, “I know you really don’t care, but I’m gonna tell you anyway…”  I can talk every minute of a two hour car ride. I start one topic, get distracted, move on to a different topic and end with, “well now I don’t remember what I originally started to tell you…” My dad just walks off and waits in the car when I start talking. He was telling my brother, “She has a relationship with the cart pusher at Walmart.  Not just “Hi, how are you?”, but a relationship… and yes, he knows about Jake and has met my husband. So back to why I owe my daughter the money. She and Stephanie played a game while I was talking to my mom’s friends. “Every time I said ‘Jake’, it was 5 dollars”  (unbeknownst to me). The actual point of this blog is that there are many times when I have referred to something as a “blessing in disguise”. At this moment it is about Jake. We are literally in the hospital.  He has just finished 2 types of chemotherapy.  His immune system, which was born flawed by some undiscovered mutation, is being wiped out. He will receive his only sister’s stem cells. She is an unsung hero, but she doesn’t appreciate what she is actually doing. The gift she is able to give her brother is worth a million times more than that $345.00. Yes, right now it is hard not to talk about Jake and to share his remarkable story.

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