I don’t understand why our elected government officials cannot fix some of our most obvious problems. I get that once they are elected, they become puppets of big money corporations, but I need to understand the reason for allowing multi-generational abuse of the welfare system. I have been very vocal that educators, no matter how hard they teach to the standardized testing, cannot fix what is broken at home. Oh sure, there are rare exceptions of kids who rise above and break the cycle, but it is far and few between. Years ago a father was incarcerated for using dirty wire to induce a premature birth of his child. The child died. His goal was to increase the chances of a mental or physical disability to receive more government aid. I spoke to a woman who, after 20 years, walked away from her job in a law office because she could not stand to watch another person unlawfully gain government assistance by faking a disability or accident. I’ve seen people join the work force only to find that they were better off not working.  I’m all for people having help. They need to be rewarded for doing the right things. Our community has built several new apartment complexes that offer affordable housing. The manager makes them tow the line. A young woman who checked me out at Walmart said it was the nicest place she’d ever lived. She deserves to have nice, affordable housing just like the single mom working admissions at the hospital for 11.00 and hour. They should be rewarded. The part time Walmart employee is the person who should qualify for Obamacare. What many people don’t realize is that education has been ruined by standardized testing. Teachers, administrators and districts are judged and penalized if students don’t perform to certain standards. But there is no motivation, no repercussions, no negative consequences to the student for not trying their best. They know this. Their parents know this. For many, many students, school is just a place to dump kids for 8 hours for free. They get fed and are safe and contained. Not necessarily so their parents can go work at a legal, productive job per se. Many of them are unwanted, abused, neglected and only worth the check they bring in for being born. And they are supposed to care about that standardized test. What if doing well allowed their parents to benefit? What if you got government assistance based on the success of your child? What if you were given a bonus if you maintained a job, took care of your kids and remained drug free? What if you were rewarded if your child graduated from college? I have tried to do everything right my whole life. We got jobs. We got married. We had kids. We bought a house. We saved our money. We love and put our kids first. We want them to do better than we have done. I pay my taxes, and I don’t break the law. I have towed the line my whole life. From the Big 10 state university, my kid got nothing. She graduated with a 4.0, took every AP class offered, took 8 science classes, got a 30 on her ACT. She didn’t qualify for any financial aid because her parents made too much money. I get it. We knew it was the price we would pay for trying to do the right thing. We’ve spent our whole adult lives saving and preparing for our kids to go to college, as our parents and grandparents did. Why are we made to feel like we did it wrong? Their success will be our reward as it should be…

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