Jake had to have blood work done today. It is a weekly check, and hopefully soon the length between checks will become longer. What a difference a week makes! Last Monday, he was in the hospital, and we were anxiously waiting on news. Today, he felt well enough to eat a burrito (or half of it) and visit his college. I realized awhile ago that I had forgotten to turn in his dorm key. What a sad day it was last December when we realized he wouldn’t return to college for awhile. His roommate helped me pack up his room and load the car. Today I received a refund check from his tuition. We stopped at the front desk and I know I didn’t say his name, but the girl knew who he was. I asked if Tom was there. I was on a first name basis with the Dean of Students.  He came out and greeted us and asked about my dad and Molly. He’d treated us to lunch the day of the bone marrow registry. Dave had been with Jake at the hospital. What can I do for you? It was almost closing time, and I really just wanted to return the key. Tom wanted to make sure Jake had housing and a class schedule in hopes he would be back this fall. It had already been taken care of. Kyle, the Director of Housing, also knew Jake by name and wanted to take a few minutes to chat. We walked back to the car. Jake promptly threw up- maybe it was the walking or the heat. He threw up yesterday and the day before. He has a long way to go, but he is determined to get back to school asap. They are determined to do anything they can to get him back and finish his degree.  We chose this small, private school for a reason. We were concerned his health issues would create bumps in the road, and we wanted his professors and the college to not only know Jake but to care.  They do. We couldn’t ask for anything more. On paper, this college looks very expensive.  So does the university Molly has chosen. The reality and best kept secret is that with the merit scholarships my kids received just by applying, they are no more expensive than the state schools.  In fact Molly’s will be about $12,000 less per year than the state university I thought she’d be attending.  Tom wants Jake to meet with the doctor who is affiliated with the student health services on campus. Maybe someday Jake will be able to see a regular doctor again and not a specialist. This doctor had gone to Jake’s college as an undergraduate and then to Jake’s hospital for medical school. Hey Jake, maybe you’ll end up becoming a doctor too! “Ummm, no. A hospital is the last place on earth I would want to work!”  Touche’…

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