I keep thinking about Chance ‘ s family. His mother posted earlier that someone suggested she had made her Facebook page in her son’s name because she was seeking attention. I don’t know this woman, but I can assure anyone that would question her motives that it was not to garner attention. She stated very plainly that she wanted to keep people updated. There were so many people concerned that she could not possibly text every person. I started posting updates on Jake because there were false rumors circulating, but later it was also to keep people updated. Despite what this ugly, horrible person thought, it certainly was not for attention. Someone had remarked that our son got a lot of attention because of who we were. Who are we? My husband is a long time educator. I have lived here my whole life. True, the people who stepped up to help have known me personally for years. I won’t apologize because people cared. It had nothing to do with which side of town we lived on. There are just a lot of loving, caring and generous people who want to help. I will never forget when the opposing team’s coach was the first to have his cheek swabbed and bought a #matchmeister t-shirt for his entire team. I think the same was true of Chance and his family. Their community rallied around him. I also want to recognize a group of literal strangers who have become so dear and so supportive of our family. My son had barely started college. I was a member of the parents’ Facebook page. That group of parents has given us- complete strangers- so much love, prayers and support. This is an example of how we must not forget, especially on the heels of Orlando, the goodness of people. It still exists. People in our hometown who we knew, people we didn’t know and people from all over the country offered love and support in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I didn’t do it for attention, and neither did Chance ‘ s mom. We shared because we knew or soon realized that people cared. Chance ‘ s death will leave a hole in many hearts. When you see his mom, give her love; give her hugs; let her talk about her son. Treat her normally. Don’t avoid her. Help her heal. She will never forget your kindness.  The attention she receives will be deserved, but she never asked for it…#chancestrong

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