It was a long weekend. I knew it would be, and there was a part of me that was very thankful that Dave came over Sunday afternoon. It gave me a chance to have Father’s Day dinner with my dad, Molly and my sister’s family. I missed the doctors rounding this morning, but I was able to clean at home. I waited anxiously for Dave to call me. They had done an MRI on his brain on Sunday.  The initial reports indicated the ventricles had changed a little. Of course I was worried that it was more than dehydration, but I had learned long ago not to get too excited over initial results especially from the hospitalist.  No offense to them, but I knew better. At any rate, we were anxious to see Dr. S. this morning and hear his thoughts. He felt pretty strongly that Jake had drug toxicity. The kid takes a dozen different drugs everyday, and a few new ones and dose increases had been added since the transplant.  I try to avoid reading the side effects. I cannot wait for him to be drug free. They are now changing a few things and decreasing one of the possible culprits. Jake is much more aware now. He’s not loopy or hallucinating. He’s not talking in his sleep or jerking. His kidneys were being affected, and thankfully there are blood tests to keep an eye on his organs. The chemotherapy was brutal enough, and now he will have a good year of additional medications that will need to be monitored, closely. I was feeling pretty down as I drove home Sunday. I hate waiting and not knowing. I then I saw her. I drove past the house of a long time friend who almost lost her life to cancer a few years ago. She and her mom have been so supportive and such an inspiration to us. Cami had her cancer ridden femur replaced by a metal rod, affectionately called “rod knee “. She had the lifetime maximum amount of chemotherapy. She had radiation. She almost died one night because of Ambien, a widely used sleeping pill. The first time I saw her after her ordeal, I was shocked by her appearance, much like I am by Jake’s. And yet Sunday evening, she was outside in her cut-off blue jean shorts bent over a flower bed around her mailbox. She was going at it pretty hard digging and pulling weeds. She’s always out doing something around her country home along with her job as a surgerical nurse and keeping up with her 3 busy boys. She made me feel better. She gave me hope. I would have pulled over just to get a hug, but my family was waiting. We were going to celebrate Father’s Day…

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  1. Cami is such an inspiration! But you all amaze me, too! You have been a friend to me even when my problems are not life or death ones. Regardless….you just listen. I believe God has something great planned for your whole family! I’m praying for it every day! So happy you got to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad.

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