There is a lot going on around here that is getting negative press. More drug busts. The court appearances take 2 or more pages in our newspaper. The neighboring city where my son goes to college is in the headlines this morning.  The FBI has swarmed the superintendent ‘ s office. The FBI. I imagine it’s not good. Fraud. Embezzlement. Cover up. Who knows? We will find out the details soon enough. I’ve been thinking all morning about the drug busts. These are kids that I know. Some were students. I had a rapport with them. I’ve spoken to their parents. I hoped for the best for all of them.  I doubt any of them in junior high would have predicted growing up and being arrested in connection with methamphetamine. What could have been done differently?  Everyone will point fingers – the parents, a broken home, the school system, bullies, lack of goals or direction, etc. There are no simple answers. At some point we have to take responsibility for our actions. We can’t be a victim. My first question would be, how did you think you weren’t going to get caught?  Many live in the moment. Whatever feels good now. We will deal with the future later. The future will eventually come. It weighs heavy on my heart. And then I saw a post from another former student who just passed her nursing boards. She’s a young, single mother. Her own mother died when she was very young. She had been living with her mother, stepfather and 3 siblings when her mom passed. Everything changed for her in an instant. She left her sisters, friends, aunts, uncles and grandmother and went to live with her biological father in a different town. She had every reason to turn to drugs and alcohol, but she didn’t.  She had the rug pulled out from under her at a very vulnerable age. But she, like many other people, picked herself up and followed her dream. She valued her life. She got an education and will be able to support herself and her darling daughter. She will now care for patients who will struggle to survive after abusing their bodies with drugs and alcohol. They will be lucky to have someone like her caring for them. Thanks Jessica, for a moment you have lifted my heavy heart!

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