Day lilies

I’ve neglected my flower beds. Dave asked if I would mow the yard this weekend, and I called my dad. He rode his lawn mower over and took care of it. We were walking around the house, and I was kind of embarrassed. I’ve never really enjoyed working in the yard, but I really wanted to have my flower beds. We have transplanted flowers from my grandma’s house to all 3 houses we’ve lived in. Some of the plants are 100 years old. My grandma was meticulous. I would walk around her beds and she would name the types of flowers and where they came from as she pulled a few straggler weeds she’d missed earlier. Each flower had a story because she never actually bought any of them. They had come from someone she knew. She would enter flowers in the county fair under my name. I wanted a red ribbon. I got blue or purple. She had to convince me it was a good thing. I loved those flowers. Anymore I can’t stand to sweat. A few years ago, I got into a poisonous weed of some kind and was pretty miserable.  I pulled back some leaves one fall and uncovered our water snake all coiled up. I like the snake.  I know he’s there; he’s good for the environment, but I don’t want to see him. So I’m not motivated to go work in my flower beds.  I like looking out the kitchen window and seeing them. It’s been pretty humid. I can’t stand it. It isn’t even June yet. My grandma worked in her yard until she was in her 80’s. She proclaimed she hoped she’d just drop dead in her flower garden. I didn’t understand why on earth she would say that. I later realized that her greatest fear had come true. She lived her final 9 years on earth in the Alzheimer ‘ s unit. We would talk about all the things she taught me and her flowers that I have surrounding my house. She didn’t remember any of it. I feel ashamed that I don’t have the cute, active figure my grandma had. She used to push mow her very large yard and garden and weed all summer. She enjoyed it. It’s ironic that she was too healthy to drop dead in her flower beds. I was horrified at her words as a child but now fully understand. We don’t get to make all the choices in our lives. We play the hand we’re dealt. I hope this summer, I can take the time to tend to my flower beds…

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