Obviously I like Facebook. I really have used it as a way to keep people updated on Jake. I would post more about my daughter, but she reports me to Facebook. She claims that they will eventually kick me off. I try to be careful. I have deleted posts. I have unfollowed some and blocked a few people. For the most part, I think social media is great, but I have a couple of pet peeves. Number 1 is the incorrect use of grammar. I have definitely, unknowingly made mistakes. I try to proof what I type, and I am horrified when I realize I made a mistake. The incorrect use of saw and seen is grossly overused. I saw her. I saw you. We saw you yesterday. You only, and I repeat, only use seen with a helping verb. I have seen you. We have seen her. We had seen that before. They were seen at the scene of the crime. It is absolutely incorrect to ever, and I repeat ever, say, “I seen you.” “We seen her.” Please stop. Please stop today. Learn to use saw and seen. Also please, please, please stop copying and pasting other people’s words. My brother called me not long ago and was concerned our sister was suicidal.  She had posted a lengthy post about depression and suicide. It looked legitimate. Had I not seen it 10 other times, posted by 10 other people, I too might have been concerned.  (Did you notice the correct use of seen? The helping verb was seperated from the verb, but it is there- had seen.) Someone wrote that post, but they didn’t sign it; they deserve credit. Share it, but don’t take credit like it is your original post. Write a comment at the top before you share it. I saw this on Facebook,  and I think the message is powerful. Please read and share. You did not write it- don’t take credit. Do not say, I seen this post. That is grammatically incorrect.  Write your own original thoughts, check your grammar, don’t copy and paste without giving the author credit. Cancer, suicide, Alzheimer ‘ s, handicapped parking spaces, food allergies, etc. are all important topics. Do not get all fired up and start posting the hate comments because you have missed the point of this blog. Let’s review my point (s) one more time. Share your own original thoughts about these topics. Give credit if you share someone else’s words and use correct grammar. Thank you!

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