Priest clothes

When my daughter was young, she dressed like a boy. I didn’t encourage it, but I didn’t fight it. I let her choose her clothes. She outgrew it. My nephew used to dress like a Catholic priest. I actually made him several robes. My sister borrowed the special robe her priest wore for Christmas mass, and I made a replica for my nephew for Christmas.  He was thrilled- probably the best gift ever. They got him a Communion playset. The kid played church everyday for a very long time. We got a kick out of it. My mom and her friends used to dress up like nuns and walk around. We played Communion with Necco wafers.  One day, out of nowhere, my sister asked me, “What if one of the kids is gay?” What makes you say that?  “I don’t know. Do you think the priest thing is a little odd?” I think it’s awesome! He has a wonderful imagination!  He’s like Molly. They are creative. There isn’t one thing that makes me think he’s gay. That reassured her. I kept going. Let’s say he is gay. We will love him. Nothing will change. We will go shopping with him and have a wonderful time. We will accept him, and it won’t matter. We will still love him. She thought about it a minute, and said, “Thanks.” When he outgrew the priest phase, he liked to play school. He wanted to be the teacher. We decided that he just liked to be in charge- the boss. He and Molly were each other’s first friends. They are still best friends. He likes girls. She likes boys. The 4 of us have a lot of fun together. As they get older, there have been many times I have thought about Molly with her short haircut, her Old Navy flag t-shirt and my nephew in his so they would be twins.  They were creative, stubborn, funny and difficult at times. We let them do their thing, and we don’t regret it for a second…

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