Dog hair

At any given moment, I have dog hair on me. At any given moment, you could find a dog toy on my floor. At any given moment you could get licked or barked at in my house. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither would Dave. We take our fur babies seriously. They live better than many humans on this earth. I’m a firm believer that if you are going to have a dog, that dog will live in your house and use the furniture. That dog will eat premium dog food. That dog will be talked to and treated like a human being. If someone can’t give a dog these luxuries, don’t get a dog. You should have two dogs because they like the companionship. My daughter has described our behavior as pathetic. She loves dogs as well, but she may be holding onto some built up resentment. When she was a little girl, there were times she would come into our bedroom- afraid. Dave was very firm that the kids would not sleep with us. Ever. One morning Jake was on the floor by the bed. He didn’t even ask. One night Molly came in and pleaded to sleep with us. “Molly, go to bed.” I cannot believe you let 2 dogs sleep in your bed but not your own child!” She stomped off. We are a little pathetic.  We will avoid going places or go alone so one of us can stay home with the girls. We have 3. We borrowed $6000.00 from his parents so we could buy a house within a year of our wedding so we could get a dog. We brought Millie our miniature schnauzer home. I called my mom, Hi Grandma…She raced through town going 60 miles per hour. She was not amused to learn her grand baby was a dog. Millie cried that first night, and I put her in bed with us. We bought a station wagon to take the dog with us. She always sat on a pillow on my lap in the front seat. Dave would have been stuck in the back before that dog would have ridden there. We drove cross country multiple times, stopping and eating in the grass by the car so Millie wouldn’t smother in the car. Later we has a Golden retreiver. When Chloe died, Dave was heartbroken. It wasn’t long before we brought Ellie home despite already having 2 other dogs. When Molly goes to college, she predicts we’ll replace her with a puppy. Another Golden or a little dog that I can carry around like a baby?…

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