Nothing prepares you for the future better than just doing it. I can read about and research the Big Mac. I can watch movies, see demonstrations, write essays about the Big Mac. I can be tested and memorize every detail of the Big Mac. I can study the Big Mac for days, months, years. I can yearn to make a Big Mac. I can be told I’m too underqualified or overqualified for the Big Mac…none of this will matter  (to me) until I have a chance to put my hands on those ingredients and make that Big Mac myself! I am a believer of apprenticeships. The first McIntosh in my family to come to America was a doctor’s apprentice during the Revolutionary War. (He was playing for the other team, but stayed.)  The classes I took in college did not literally teach me how to be a teacher. Teaching is where I learned to be a teacher.   I also learned how to sew because my grandma taught me the basics. It was many years later that I really learned a lot about sewing by sewing and sewing and sewing. I became a certified pharmacy technician by working in a pharmacy.  When I was a student, I was naturally good at English and spelling. I could memorize terms and puke it back out on a science test. Math was harder. It didn’t click. I realized later when I taught 3rd and 4th grade summer school math that I enjoyed manipulatives. I could understand fractions if I had a cardboard “pizza” sliced into pieces in front of me that I could rearrange and see the fractions- not just think about them. I think there are a lot of jobs I could learn to do. I don’t necessarily want to go back to college, and classes like biochemistry scare me. Sitting in a classroom, in the traditional sense isn’t appealing to many people. For some it may seem impossible.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent; they may learn differently. It saddens me that many smart people don’t work to their full potential because they don’t obtain a 4 year degree. I went to college and finished my Master’s. I didn’t love the academics, I just did it. I think I would like to be an apprentice. Show me how, let me do it. The thought of going to Hamburger University (yes, it’s a real place) and studying the Big Mac isn’t nearly as appealing as being able to make it…

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