Put yourself first…

What I wish for every graduate, every year is the chance to spread his/her wings and find a passion and become the best they can… so many will not. They won’t give it a sincere chance. They will settle; fall back on what feels comfortable.  Some will be held back by the people who love them the most. It is scary to let your kids go. I have told my daughter she can go to any college she wants as long as it is in a 50 mile radius of home. There are plenty of great opportunities right here around us. My son attends one of the best engineering schools in the world. It happens to be 25 miles away from home. But my daughter has chosen to go 30 hours from home. Gulp. My husband moved 18 hours from home when he graduated from college.  He never returned home. He met me, and we built a life in the town I grew up in. I did not intend to live here my whole life- it just happened. We don’t have any regrets. We envision our kids moving far from home someday. I’m excited about my kids meeting new friends.  I’m thankful they aren’t involved in any love affairs at the moment. So many people settle on a bad or mediocre relationship because it is scary to be alone.  Some people will use finances as an excuse not to pursue their dreams. Others will have children at a young age, and priorities will and should change, but obtaining your goals and dreams will be harder. My best advice is to use this time after high school as an opportunity to be all about yourself. As selfish as it sounds, put yourself first! Go and do what you want to do. Live your dreams; follow your passion; learn to love yourself. Give yourself a chance.

Be the best you can be to yourself and then, and only then, will you be able to give it your all. You will be at your best, and a great job, great friendships, a great relationship will likely follow. Dream big and put yourself first!

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  1. Marianne, I love reading your blogs!! You are so articulate and it gives us all a glimpse of what you are going through. Hugs and prayers that Jake gets through this all soon! Sincerely, Mary Frisz

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