Chuck Taylor’s

Tomorrow night my daughter will get all dressed up in a sparkly, sequined $500.00 dress for the last time in her high school career. We’ll get her nails done, her hair done, buy flowers…this is the 2nd time in two weeks for this kind of hoopla. I am glad for this chapter to be over. I didn’t enjoy it when I was in high school, and I’m still proud to say that my wedding dress was on the sale rack and cost $250.00. Spending money frivolously is not my cup of tea. My daughter spared me from the frilly dresses and pageants when she was little because she wanted to dress like a boy. She won’t admit it, but she idolized her older brother. Before the age of 3, she wanted to wear his clothes. At first it was cute, but they were too big and not always appropriate.  Molly, get dressed- we have to go… “Ummm, my name’s Mason, and I am dressed,”….Ummm, no, you can’t wear that outfit to (_________). Wherever- fill in the blank. Grandma was going with us and she was going to flip out. Being the 2nd child, and much like her mother, there was a protest and a fight I  couldn’t win. You could threaten, yell, cry, beg, bargain, but she wouldn’t budge. I started buying her clothes only with her approval. I tried to get anything unisex possible.  She would want to see exactly where it came from. I would have to prove it was the boys’ department.  She would have to see it being modeled by a boy in the catalog before she approved. Then she wanted her hair cut. Short. I cant do it, my beautician told me. I took her to JC Penney ‘ s and, she got it cut off. I found a pair of red Ked’s tennis shoes that she agreed to wear. I especially liked them with her Old Navy flag boxers and flag shirt. Everyday I told her she looked nice and that I loved her. My mom cringed, said I would spank her, but kept her mouth shut (for the most part). One of my junior high students passed her one day and stopped in his tracks, “Dude! Look at those Chuck Taylor’s!  Awesome!” He was referring to her little red shoes. We were both proud. Eventually her phase passed, and she wore skirts almost everyday in high school. I chose to bite my tongue, and I chose to not fight with my daughter every morning about her wardrobe. She has her own sense of style and hopefully good self esteem. The other day she asked if she could buy some red Chuck Taylor’s for college. Absolutely!

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