Jake wasn’t the first kid we followed in an ambulance. The year before Jake got sick, our daughter had a trying year as well. I was called to come get Molly from school. She had the “worst headache of her life “. I called her PCP- take her to the ER. For us the ER costs a minimum of $150.00. It seemed a little dramatic for a headache.  She didn’t seem too bad, but they did a cat scan. There is no sign of a tumor. Ok- whoa- that hadn’t even crossed my mind. I think they said to try over-the-counter pain relievers. I hoped it would pass.  She continued to have headaches and within a month was having seizure- like spells. I took her to her PCP. Could it be hormonal? Stress?  Anxiety? No answers. I started to consider a neurologist. I posted something on Facebook and got some ideas. Before she could have her first appointment,  she was sleeping in my bed, started vomiting and had a seizure that lasted longer than any of the other ones.  It was 11 pm. We called an ambulance…

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