Two sides to every story….

Normally I would keep things like this private, but my name is being bashed all over town and FB, so I figured I may as well put my side out there. Especially since people started contacting my daughter to use her for information. We are moving. We were lucky enough to be able to buy a house without selling our house first. We hadn’t listed our home, but people contacted me with interest. I personally showed my house to 4 families. I didn’t pick or choose. 2 of the 4 showed a real interest. Both were in communication, but one was more quiet. I was advised by 2 realtors on how to handle the situation. It kind of surprised me. Even if you accept an offer, there will still be a turn around clause…. it hadn’t occurred to me that I would still be able to entertain offers until closing. One family threw out a couple of offers. I said I wasn’t going to counter offer or negotiate anything. Meanwhile a realtor called me. I didn’t sign any contracts with her either. Check with me every Sunday… I knew how badly one family wanted our house because she contacted me daily to update me on the progress of the showing of their house. Their deal was contingent on selling their house. The first person I showed the house to called me unexpectedly last Sunday. Have you sold your house? It’s all over town that you did…. no there was no sale, no formal offer, no deals in place. That next day, she went to the bank. They were able to offer full price/no contingencies.  I thought long and hard. I could get a bidding war going! I talked to my realtor sources. The no contingencies was huge. I heard stories of sales being held up for months because of the sale of the homes. I thought about letting the family shoot me their best offer. So far their unofficial offers had been far below asking price, half the closing costs AND contingent on the sale of their home. I knew they would pay full price, but the contingencies would not go away. I knew that in 6 months we could still be hung up by the sale of their house. I decided giving them a  chance to get our  house was moot. They could never beat the offer we had. Of course I knew they would be devastated. I feel horrible. But then you get to a point where you see yourself getting smeared on FB. People are texting your best friend and your daughter. Neighbors are not being neighborly. It’s a buisness deal. The house was not sold out from anyone. If I sell the house today for a better/cash offer, it is still a business transaction. It became personal because I showed the house and I allowed conversations with the interested parties. I cheered for them when they were showing their house. I was truly rooting for them because ultimately I need to sell my house. It’s nothing she has said about me that upsets me. Of course she is mad/hurt/devastated. I know that. I am truly sorry it didn’t work out. What bothers me are the negative, nasty comments by people who don’t know the whole story. Here is my opinion. If you claim you wouldn’t have done the same thing, your either a liar or an idiot. Today 2 realtors are stopping by, their choice. They know my deal could fall through. They want to be ready to list if it does. It’s ultimately just business…

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