Big changes

I wish I could tell you there was some big scandal, but there is not. We, after 3 incredibly difficult years, are making a big change. We were unbelievably lucky to emerge from our tragedy with our son.  We were tired, worn out, numb. We were going through the motions. 10 years ago, Dave pursued a job as a Superintendent. He had quite a few interviews in some very nice communities. He was a finalist several times. Finally one day I said, “Maybe someone bigger is in control. Maybe this isn’t our time to move”. I believe with all my heart that I needed to be here for my mom, and the kids needed to be here to graduate with their childhood friends. They will always have their hometown of Paris. Absolutely no regrets. I said I was willing to move, and once when Jake was a baby, Dave accepted a job as assistant principal in a town 3 hours up the road. We were excited. Then we realized we were looking at homes like the ones in Paris, but triple the cost. We concluded we wouldn’t be able to afford to live there. We came home, and Paris was good to us. Dave has had wonderful opportunities in this town. Opportunities most would never have in education. We will always be forever grateful. Watching your child fight for his life and staying 100% dedicated to your job is no easy task. My husband did it well. The first cooperative high school and that beautiful complex north of town will forever have his name on it, and he should feel proud. He’s done a great job. Not everyone has always liked or agreed with all of the decisions that had to be made, but he and his boards worked diligently and honestly to put the best interest of the kids first and foremost. He still had that itch to fulfill that last goal of his educational career. He has done the job of Superintendent many years, but he didn’t officially hold the title. Director was a title he helped choose. I encouraged him to send out resumes this year. I even choose Morrisonville. I believe things happen for a reason when the timing is right. Jake had already signed a lease on his apartment in Terre Haute. He will start his class at Rose in July. He’s ready to spread his wings. My dad, whom I was most sad to tell, is very active and social. We talk on the phone everyday, and that won’t change. I became enchanted with Taylorville my first visit and was excited to make an offer on our house before Dave even had a chance to see it. It’s  a strong Catholic community, and my goal is to get back to church. Molly will only be 1 hour away. She has come to understand that won’t be too close; it may even have some advantages. My heart skipped a beat when I learned there was a science opening in Paris with no applicants. That feeling made me reach out to a small school near Taylorville that needs a science teacher. I will need the company of the students and the ability to interact, and let’s face it, talk all day since I won’t have my best friends with me. The thought of moving used to make me physically ill, but this has given me a burst of energy and excitement that we both needed.  No one is mad, there are not hard feelings, no scandal. It’s true that Dave still had a year left on his contract, but the board did not hold him to it. Like Mr. Zuber said, and Dave continues to say, “The one thing you can count on in education is change…”  We wish good things and continued success here in Paris- thank you!

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