It didn’t take long for us to notice her. She and her family were pretty close to my sister and me on the beach. I wonder what kind of cancer she has? Other than her bald head, she looked healthy. Do you think she’s pregnant? “Oh surely not.” Her daughter was barely a year old. “I bet they discovered she had breast cancer when she was pregnant. Hopefully she’s done with her treatments, and this is a celebratory vacation…” They seemed happy. “I will ask her if I get the chance.” Are you sure she would want to talk about it? “She does…” The next day, she got close enough for my sister to ask if she and the gal she was with were sisters. No. She came over and leaned over and explained their friendship. I spoke up, “This is our first time back to the beach in 3 years. My son had leukemia.” She sat down in the sand next to me. How old is he? How is he? That’s way too young! She took off her hat to show us her bald head. I’m not sure what she said first. We think she said it started as melanoma. How did you know something was wrong? After the birth of her daughter, Bentley, she had a numb spot on her inner knee. The doctor thought it was the after effect of her epidural. The cancer had already spread to her lungs. The first thing she asked her doctor, “Was it the diet Coke?” My sister and I acknowledged her anxiety, but we all knew now that it was a gene mutation. She had been given 3 to 6 months. She had outlived their predictions and was optimistic about a new drug she was taking. It targets the bad cells, but leaves the good ones alone. Their trip was only for the long holiday weekend because she had to get back for chemo. They found more tumors in the meninges. I knew that location too well. The tumors were in the lining of her brain and spinal cord. There is one large tumor wrapped around my spine and smaller tumors everywhere else. I have had radiation too, but this time it’s not bothered me. I have 3 good weeks, then a bad week with chemo. At that moment her husband was trying to convince Bentley to put her feet on the sand. Jenny started video taping it then seamlessly handed me her phone. I videotaped her holding her arms out, happily encouraging Bentley to walk on the sand. She thanked me for capturing it on tape. It became apparent that she was trying to record as many memories as possible. Later Molly, Jessica and Tori were sweet-talking Bently. Jenny begged them to stay out of tanning beds. She promised to pray for Jacob, and we promised the same for her. 

Good luck, Jenny and many prayers… 

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